Effective and accurate cost management

Is there any industry that sparks more public debate than the power industry? Focus always seems to be at costs from a consumer perspective, yet it’s an even more substantial factor for suppliers. Keep control of your budget and costs, and you will increase future success. With Cleopatra Enterprise, you’ll have a system that lets you estimate and control your project costs in a very effective and accurate manner.

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Ready-to-use knowledgebases

Creating a good estimate requires knowledge. Knowledge that you have acquired over the years. To ensure you make the best possible estimate for your projects, you need to make the most of that knowledge. Cleopatra Enterprise holds all your knowledge for you ready to be used when building any kind of estimate. And if you need to prepare a bid, it allows you to evaluate many ‘‘what if’’ scenarios.

Cost Management

Earned Value Management

The project controls software not only allows you to keep track of your costs, but also gives you instant insights in the hours, quantities, durations and even revenues. We provide an advanced suite of tools to perform Earned Value Management so you can easily keep track of the project performance. With the built-in progress measurement feature you can monitor productivity to use for more accurate forecasting. Based on this information you can prevent delays and cost overruns.




ITER is an international nuclear fusion research and engineering megaproject, building the world’s largest experimental Tokamak nuclear fusion reactor by its members states India, Japan, People’s Republic of China, Russia, South Korea, the European Union and the United States. The organization uses Cleopatra and to estimate all Tokamak (the reactor) work packages.

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