About Cost Engineering Consultancy

Cost Engineering Consultancy has been an independent and reliable partner in cost engineering services and software since 1996. Our experienced and certified cost engineers have helped owners and (EPC) contractors worldwide in their cost engineering activities.

The majority of the projects and software implementations are performed in the process industry, of which our cost engineering professionals have a thorough understanding. After all, cost engineering is all about the translation of technical projects and engineering into cost.

Our expertise

Cost Engineering Consultancy’s main areas of expertise can be categorized in the following aspects:

  • Cost Engineering Services (Estimating, Cost Control, Risk Management)
  • Total Cost Management Software - Cleopatra Enterprise
  • Cost Data Development
  • Cost Engineering Academy
  • Professional Services

This combination of activities makes Cost Engineering Consultancy unique in the market, being able to combine a strong knowledge of the cost engineering profession with a professional total cost management software solution.

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