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Am I getting the most out of my cost estimation software and cost estimation processes? This is a question we rarely have the time to ask ourselves. Tender bids keep coming in, estimate deadline on the horizon, and management reports due. The career of an estimator is a busy one.

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Keeping an eye out for optimization of your cost estimation software and work processes is however very important. At times it can be very profitable to step away from the desk and ask yourself if what you are doing is the best way of doing things. Although we should not reorganize our work processes for the sake of reorganizing, consulting with colleagues and peers is an excellent method to reduce your own workload. Hold small coffee breaks with colleagues and sometimes discuss the work process rather than the weather or the neighbor’s new car. It could very well be your colleague has a way of handling certain parts of an estimate that will save you valuable time. You and your colleague can have various experiences using that same cost estimation software. Confer and keep the best of both worlds.

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Attend peer events such as the Cost Engineering Event and keep the dialogue open

Likewise attending lectures and events will get you in contact with peers who might not work in the exact same field as you, but whose processes or tooling might be very useful for your own organization. It is very estimator-like to stay in your own cubicle and solve issues by working harder. From experience I know it is better to ask a colleague to take a look at that seven folded if statement you have been staring at for the last fifteen minutes, a fresh set of eyes might help you find your answer in no time at all.

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We at cost engineering consultancy try to stay as active as we can and organize events, seminars, courses and cost management software training exactly for these purposes. To make sure you get the most out of our cost estimation software and also educate and facilitate broader views in the total field of cost engineering.

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Coen Wessel is a support engineer for Cleopatra Enterprise and is responsible for Cleopatra Enterprise customer support, documentation and online software training.

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