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“Integrating Process Design and Cost Estimating Software”

One of today’s most intriguing business challenges is the identification of viable projects. Living in a turbulent time of economic crises and low oil prices, it becomes important not only to do your projects right, but also to do the right projects.

At the recent Honeywell User Group (HUG) 2015 in Madrid, Cost Engineering held a presentation about the importance of using technology to select the best project alternatives. The integration of two of the best tools in their respective disciplines, enables the evaluation of various project and process alternatives:

The equipment design parameters from UniSim can be exported to Cleopatra, where parametric cost models will use the information to make an accurate cost estimate, already during the initial design stages. These cost models in Cleopatra are based on identified cost relationships for each type of equipment. With more than 250 cost models, all typical process equipment items are available.

Honeywell User Group EMEA 2015

With this integration it becomes possible to quickly evaluate various process design alternatives to search not only for the optimized technical solution, but also for the most cost efficient one. Using Cleopatra’s Project Analytics module cost differences can easily be found and visualized across various alternatives.

Unfortunately, you can only spend your money once…,so it’s better to make sure it’s the right project and process design.

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